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Some questions... maybe...

Hello and good evening!

Sorry, I do feel a fool but I have some questions for the marvellous "Ted & Ralph" and I hope someone will find this little entry and give me some answers. I work on a very very large Ted and Ralph fanfiction, but I need indeed some more informations. I have looked over the internet, but I don´t find all answers by myself. Maybe there are not all questions are answerable, but at last I try asking.

First: What is Teds family name? I thought Cliff call him in the spin off in front of the church "Edward" but he could also shouting to someone else? I know, it is more a givenname than a familyname... I´m not sure.

Second: Do have Ted and Esther children on their own? I know that Ted mentioned some nephews in one of the newer clips, but they´re from his brother or sister (or maybe Esthers brother or sister).

Third: The names of Mr. and Mrs. Mayhew? They´re mentioned?

Fourthly: Do someone know which confession / church is it in the clip "The Funeral"?

I´m not from Great Britain so I´m a little bit confused.

Fifthly: Do the three mates of Ted have names in the series? Tedralph

Thank you for your support ^^ The names are not the big deals, I would imagine some of my own, when there are not mentioned at any time in the series or somewhere. But I want to be sure. ;)

Sorry for my bad english, it is my second language.
Thank you and have a nice day.
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New Ted and Ralph sketch!

Imagine my surprise listening to the radio this morning, and I suddenly heard Ted and Ralph's voices! The Today program's 'comedy advent calendar' is a series of short sketches by well known people, and today was Ted and Ralph… and of course it's tragic-larious.

They say you can listen to all the sketches on the website, but it seems the T&R sketch isn't up yet. :-(


It might be available here later...


Hope you guys can get to hear it. In such a tiny fandom, you have to fight for every scrap!
Rusted Astaire


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I found myself stumbling onto this community whilst searching the web for anything and everything to do with Ted and Ralph. I've just recently statred watching The Fast Show, and quickly decided upon my favourite of the skits. So here I am. I've lurked around a bit on this community (such talented people!) and I've come to drop off a humble offering. Sadly, I have absolutely NO talent with any form of visual art, but I did write up a little story. I've got a couple other rough ideas that I hope to flush out and post, but for now this will have to do. I hope you enjoy the kid!Ralph and young!Ted.

 PS: I don't really know any children, so I pretty much based kid!Ralph on Doug from UP. So if it seems a little strange that would be why.

PSS: Sorry for the clunky spacing, can't seem to get it right.

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